Cistus hair restoration oil - its disinfecting, antimicrobial, fungicidal, anti-inflammatory, wound healing, antiparasitic and regenerating properties underlie the Cistus hair restoration, which strengthens, nourishes and restores hair follicles and cures seborrhea and other problems with the scalp. Regenerates dyed, damaged and brittle hairs. It also returns shine, elasticity and health to the hair.

The oil is extremely useful for the hair when exposed to drying heat and frost by protecting and restoring it. Makes the hair well-groomed and full of healthy strength. Suitable for any type of hair, but it will have a particularly noticeable effect on damaged, dull and lifeless hair. Oil is used in the form of masks for the hair and as additives to shampoo. 

Cistus hair oil

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  • Available in: 100ml, 150ml, 250ml, 1L, 5L (other sizes can be added if necessary)

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