Everyone knows about the benefits of massage and massage oils. Massage allows you to relax after a hard day's work, reduces tiredness in your legs, back and shoulders. Massage is a full-fledged therapeutic physiotherapy procedure. Nowadays, many are already familiar with aromatherapy and are aware of the diverse properties of many oils, and choose oils with the desired effect. The unique properties of Cistus oil, which contains a wide range of biologically active compounds, fully relieve muscle tension, rejuvenate, tighten and heal the skin, effectively cope with cellulite, stretch marks after pregnancy or weight loss and even fresh scars, normalize dry, scaly and inflamed skin.

Using the Cistus massage oil, you will saturate the skin with vitamins and medicinal substances, which turns out to be incredibly healing for the skin, the delicate warm and natural aroma of the Cistus oil makes the procedure incredibly pleasant. But massages are now correcting not only the physical, but also the psycho-emotional state of a person. If it comes to the psycho-emotional sphere, Cistus can be useful wherever there is depression and anxiety. The fragrance helps people that feel internal emptiness, emotionally cold people with a "sealed" soul. Recommended when working with patients according to the following indications:

- nervousness, increased anxiety;

- trauma;

- insufficient faith in oneself;

- excessive vulnerability and sensitivity.



Cictus massage oil and its aphrodisiac properties - enhancing sensuality, attractiveness, attuning to the romantic mood, helping to acquire self-confidence.

In case of many serious skin diseases, Cistus oil is recommended as a therapeutic agent: it heals wounds, improves the condition of patients with psoriasis, vitiligo and diabetic ulcers, relieves redness and inflammation from the skin, removes pain, including insect bites and burns. Medical indications for use:

- psoriasis, atopic dermatitis;

- nervous itching;

- eczema, atopic dermatitis;

- means for the prevention and treatment of pressure sores;

- means for the prevention and treatment of trophic ulcers;

- lymphatic stasis after mastectomy.

Cistus massage oil

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